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by schubi on 24.02.2011, 02:03
Please see / Bitte besucht:

for my new web log. / fuer mein neues Weblog.
Forgetting passwords can have a learning effect.
by blog on 15.01.2011, 02:17
... or so it seems.

I have this little "CMS" Wink on my router which uses sqlite as database-backend and I had forgotten the password of the admin user.

So I found the .db file that housed the "database" and renamed it into a backup file. Then I used the .sql file that came with the CMS to create a new Database from scratch.

I used this vanilla installation to create a new admin user and then sought to migrate just this user into the old database so that I'll keep all my other tables and the data therein.

Easy I thought, copy the file over to your desktop machine and just install one of the many sqlite browsers out there.

Problem was, that the CMS used sqlite2, while all GUI tools out there use sqlite3+ ...

So ... back to reading man pages, dumping the vanilla db's user table into a text (sql) file, doing the same with the old backup DB and then moving the INSERT line for the new admin user from the new DB into the old DB replacing the old admin user's entry.

Now I just added a DROP TABLE at the top of the backup db's sql file and executed it against the backup DB, renamed it into the production DB and restarted the CMS - voila - full access again.

Needless to say that this wasn't a hack as such, as I always had (and needed) superuser access to the sqlite files...
No gameport on Vista - who'd have thought?
by blog on 10.12.2010, 23:05
... so after half a decade of using only Linux for my non-work-related IT, I was trying to get this gameport-steering wheel running under Vista. Turns out that MS removed the gameport support altogether and the creative driver hack doesn't work. Looks like the Vista drivers of my sound card are making sure this remains a futile attempt.

So now what - usb adapter? :-/

I really wonder what MS gained from removing this hardware support. Its beyond me.
Facebook stole my blogging mojo.
by blog on 10.12.2010, 00:06
Fuer die deutsche Version, bitte den ersten Kommentar anklicken.

... I'm just after realising that it has already been 6 months since I last updated this blog - and then even just to say its been 1.5 years ... so ...
2 years - I blame Facebook!

Let's see if we can get this old blog going again.

People who know me and who want to comment on any post, are invited to do so on facebook (...) that way I can keep comments switched off here and not open the gates for all those spammers who are flooding a lot of blogs out there.

If you don't know me and would like to comment, I suggest you look up the contact details and send an email. If its SPAM or looks like SPAM to the SPAM filter, I won't get it - too bad.

So ... December 09 2010 - missed 3 wake up alarms this morning - nuff said.

Roads are lethal - or more specifically the people driving on them - had some near misses on the way home, shocking.

Also closed my PayPal account in the light of this wikileaks witch hunt that is currently taking place. I know it won't hurt PayPal as much as it'll annoy me buying stuff online, but hey - its a statement, that's all.

Other than that - same old story. Work, eat, sleep ...
1,5 Jahre Auszeit? Zur Zukunft von
by blog on 14.06.2010, 01:33
Uuuups, der letzte Eintrag ist vom Februar 2009. Das macht fast 1,5 Jahre.
Mir gingen damals wichtige Dateien verloren, und anstatt mir Gedanken zu machen, wie ich das Blog wieder instand setze, lag es brach.

Nun, ich war vielleicht nicht motiviert genug, ausserdem hat mich damals der social networking Virus erst so richtig erfasst, und so verlagerte sich das Webtagebuch zunehmend auf Herrn Zuckerberg's Datenkrake.

Im Moment pruefe ich verschiedene Wege, mein Blog wiederzubeleben, schaut also von Zeit zu Zeit mal rein, hier wird sich in Kuerze etwas tun. Was genau, weiss ich auch noch nicht.
Winter 2009 - sort of. Snowfall in Dublin / Schnee in Dublin
by schubi on 03.02.2009, 02:19
click here for all the pictures/hier fuer alle Bilder klicken

Winter is here! Today we had proper snow fall for the first time in ... well as long as I can think back being in this country.

The snow's actually staying on the ground and it keeps snowing on top of it - what can I say - proper Winter.

Der Winter ist da! Heut hat es zum ersten mal in all den vielen Jahren, die ich jetzt schon im Land bin, richtig geschneit.

Der Schnee bleibt liegen, es schneit weiter kraeftig drauf - richtig ordentlicher Winter. Smile

I was alway rather amused by stories of how heavy snow fall can bring this city and the country to a halt and today I got a first glimpse of it. Its not so much the snow but the people and the way they react to it. To irish drivers, who rarely get more than a couple of days of driving in icy conditions a year, let alone snow covered roads, this must be like driving on a sand dune for the rest of us (except those who own a beach buggy and do that sort of thing regularly).

Ich hab' mich immer ueber die Geschichten amuesiert, dass ein bisschen Schnee diese Hauptstadt und das Land aus der Bahn werfen koennen. Heute konnte ich allerdings einen ersten Eindruck davon gekommen. Der Schnee ist dabei noch das geringste Problem - eher schon die Leute/Fahrer, die selbst in kalten Wintern kaum mehr als ein paar Tage Glatteiserfahrung sammeln koennen - geschweige denn Fahren bei geschlossener Schneedecke. Das duerfte ungefaehr so sein, als wuerde der Rest auf den Sandduenen in der Wueste kreuzen (abgesehen von denjenigen unter uns, die einen Strandbuggy haben und damit regelmaeszig im Sand kurven).
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Weihnachtsstimmung in Plexiglas - Christmas decorations
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